Wildlife Photographer of the Year

5Lindsey was delighted to open the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at Beverley Art Gallery. On display as part of Hull UK City of Culture, this spectacular exhibition champions honest and ethical wildlife photography.

Now in its 52nd year, the competition presents images from both professional and amateur photographers that have been selected for their creativity, artistry and technical complexity. The lengths to which these photographers will go in order to capture the perfect shot, never ceases to amaze!

The competition launched in 1965, when it attracted 361 entries. This year there were nearly 50,000 entries from 95 countries with the top prize being awarded to American photographer, Tim Laman, for his striking shot of an endangered young male orangutan pictured 100 feet up amongst the treetops of the Gunung Palung National Park in Indonesia.  

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is undoubtedly the most prestigious photography event of its kind, providing a global platform that showcases the natural world’s most astonishing and challenging sights.

Opening this spectacular exhibition in her home town was a very special moment for Lindsey.


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