Persuit of Beauty; Slow Art for BBC Radio 4

Lindsey fell in love with the concept of Slow Art at University whilst reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets and that fascination with art and its ability to transcend time continues…

In this special documentary for BBC Radio 4, Lindsey explores what added value the length of time of creation gives to an artistic idea. Does it make time shrink? Or does it distract us from our awareness of our own finite existence?

French anarchist vegetarian artists Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes & Cyril Leclerc rescue snails bound for the cooking pot, and display them as a sound and light installation – Slow Pixel – before setting them free. To watch illuminated snails crawl across a concert hall for 6 hours is one way of bringing your heart beat right down!

Twenty-two ash trees, shaped and sculpted as they grow quietly for 40 years, in a secret location; an extinct volcano filled with subterranean light passages; music to play for a 1000 years; a mile of writing, and a 5 hour composition for a string quartet called ‘Slow’, played as slowly and quietly as possible…

As the 21st century continues at break-neck speed Lindsey Chapman brings you a moment of calm, as she meets some extraordinary musicians and artists, to find out the motivation behind creating slow art.


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