Summer of Festivals…

Summer 2018 sees Lindsey appearing at a number of Nature and Art Festivals across the UK, starting in beautiful Nidderdale AONB in North Yorkshire. Lindsey gives an hour-long, interactive talk about the secrets of wildlife broadcasting whilst also examining the crucial link between nature and our own cultural and artistic heritage. Naming and knowing the natural world matters, particularly at a time when we’re seeing such huge decline in wildlife across the UK and the planet as a whole. As Patron of The Wild Watch, a citizen science project in the heart of Nidderdale, Lindsey’s aim is to ignite the spark and nurture the innate interest we all have in the wild world.

Also this summer, Lindsey is delighted to feature in the inaugural Timber International Forest Festival. Timber celebrates woodland culture in all it’s forms and Lindsey cannot wait to present this year’s Happily Ever After panel; exploring the undeniable impact that forests have on literature, theatre and the arts. From Gawain to Grimm, Shakespeare’s Arden to Boorman’s Deliverance, forests have provided some of the most evocative backdrops in all of literature, art and film. Joining Lindsey on stage are author Sara Maitland, poet Karen McCarthy Wold and storyteller Ian Douglas. This will be a magical festival to remember…


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